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Default Re: Arum turns down Schaefer's Offer for Donaire-Mares and Matthysse-Rios

Originally Posted by bballchump11 View Post
I understand Hermit's stance since he's paid by Top Rank, but idk why you're defending Arum. Here's is the situation

Oscar: "I'd really like to make Mares vs Donaire"

Arum: "Yeah I'll make the fight. You can't be involved at all in the fight and I'll pay Mares directly while you [Oscar] get nothing from it"

Oscar: "Ok, I'll do that if you let me do the same to make Rios vs Matthysse"

Arum: "**** you Oscar. You don't know anything about boxing"

Idk, how anybody can look at this and not see what's wrong
Because logically you can't, and some people seem to use logic in life.. Others, not so much..

Yet people are on here still defending it.. Arum didn't say lets see what happens in the fights first.. He didn't say let me think about it or offer me a better deal.. He flat out said we can make fight A if you let me pay for Mares and promote it alone.. We cannot make fight B with you doing the same however, that's not how it works..

Then his excuse is we don't trade fighters?!? Seriously? Are they trading for good, or to make two BIG fights people want? He couldn't come up with a better excuse than that, yet people still defend it. Do you guys come on here just to start **** with certain posters? No logic at all to defending this ****..
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