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Default Re: eubank jnr is boxing Bradley Pryce

Originally Posted by davieRM View Post
Ryanm and dom.. Brads a friend of mine and while everyones entitled to their opinion i think your opinions are to say the least niave... "underachiever-overweight".. I hope none of you lads decide boxing is what will pay the bills as you would owe british gas a fortune within a few months... You 2 sound like a couple of mouthpieces who watch boxing and like i said your entitled to an opinion.. BUT "overweight" "UNDERACHIEVER"??? Behave yourselves.. Brads a great lad and saturday whether he wins or loses he will still be smiling.. Trust me.. Heros dont slate on forums they do what they do... P.S if you wonder why im slating you two.. The RM in my name stands for royal marine just in case you got lippy.. Xx night sweethearts..look forward to your replies
I doubt anyone was wondering what RM, stood for.

I doubt anyone is ****d.

Enjoy sitting in afgan bored out your head all day doing **** all but getting burnt, for near minimum wage.RM
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