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Default Re: is pac jmm at 147?

Originally Posted by saul_ir34 View Post
It is at the full WW limit.

JMM said he will still come in at 142-143. He said he knows they just set that weight up to slow him down but he is not falling for it. He said to let Pac come in heavy.
From my thinking, I think it benefits Pacquiao if he came in prime, ready, and strong at the Welterweight limit of 147 lbs.
He allready knows he's going to get outboxed by Marquez. In the three fights they've had, Pacquiao has backed out of the exchanges when up close as Marquez was bouncing cleaner and more accurate shots off his noggin.
I would have to think that if Pacquiao would to come in a few pounds heavier, he'd lose a little speed but still have enough of it to be faster than a 40 year old Marquez.

The key for me if I'm Pacquiao's trainer is to put him in a position to be able to absorb Marquez' incoming but still not take a backward step.
Pacquiao has'nt been doing that the 3 previous fights. He's been bailing in the heat of the exchanges and if you cant outbox Marquez, its not prudent to bail and reset the whole process all over again so that again Pacquiao is made to walk straight at Marquez' right hand.

Being heavier would help Pacquiao to absorb incoming better and thus not find the necessity to bail in the exchanges.
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