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Default Re: Roach "Strength trainers are bulls**t"

Originally Posted by Boxalot View Post
For sure. Ariza and Manny are clearly very friendly, and if having him around helps Pacquiao's state of mind it can only be a good thing.

That said, Ariza clearly states in the video that they've stopped S&C in recent fights, and doesn't mention a reason. It just seems odd to change something that helped propel him to the top of the P4P rankings. There's been a noticable decline in his last 3 fights, and it's those 3 fights that he hasn't done S&C. For someone so reliant on their physical abilities, it makes zero sense to me.
You've got to be very nieve to believe everything that comes out of that camps mouth.
There is absolutely now way Ariza is still in camp with Pacquiao just to stretch him. Thats ridiculous.

They've stopped S&C and Ariza is still around? Bull!

I can certainly believe that Pacquiao may have put a halt to certain extreme aspects of Ariza's regimen's, but I doubt he's going to cut the program altogether and still have him around.

Whats coming out of that camps mouth is not the truth.
Freddie Roach has complimented Ariza's methods in the past and he's opened the doors for his very own fighters to also work with Ariza, Khan and Chavez Jr. being prime examples.

This is nonsense that Ariza is no longer doing S&C with Pacquiao.
Complete and utter nonsense!
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