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Default Re: Your Assessment of Carlos Molina?

He's tidy, You can see he's been schooled to a pretty decent standard. He changes rhythm. Will use short steps then start to bounce laterally and then move back in which is smart. His jab is seems to be a range finder, he throws the odd up jab but mostly i think he just wants to feel you then attack.

It seemed in that fight that it took him 4-5 mins to gauge his range then start landing. It seemed like his lack of height and the opponents movement seemed to make him cautious of over comitting.

Once Again tidy this time in the pocket, He slips and rolls back from shots and counters with a bit of snap. I think Khan would do well to put two and three punches together when working at range. I think Molina may struggle with the second punch due to his defence and slower feet.

He seems to take shots to body, Khan you'd like to think would go upstairs downstairs and really befuddle Carlos. Molina seems to burst into life but doesn't seem a dangerous threat in terms of power. It's all on Khan IMO. The fight's destiny is in his hands really. Molina seems content to do his work and take a break and will most probably wait on Khan to make mistakes.
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