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Default Re: Joey Maxim , Underated ?

Originally Posted by OLD FOGEY View Post
Maxim impressed me as a C level offensive fighter--fast jabs and awkward rights with little power, but accurate and usually scoring. His defensive skills, though, were A+. He could slip and roll with punches and was fast enough on his feet to get out of the way. He knew how to clinch. The punches which ko'd or floored or cut up other fighters never seemed to land right on old Joey. He must have been frustrating to fight.

I think Bummy Davis hit on a good point. Until he got old, Maxim was almost never embarressed. He fought a lot of tough men but generally hung close enough to leave the decision in some doubt. That is why he was rematched so often with Charles and Moore and Walcott.
Maxim was a product of his era, and was fortunate to become very accomplished in his style because of the dearth of excellent fighters in his era. So I think it was a chicken-and-egg scenario, he was effective because he learnt to be effective in his style given the monsters that that were around at the time.

PS. I've read that Walcott vehemently disputes that he ever lost to Maxim, but without footage, who can tell? I don't think the public and newspapermen were crying robbery, so...
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