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Default Re: Your Assessment of Carlos Molina?

Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
I was actually waiting for your opinion, Mand. As always, a very good one. (You also, Brenny!)

It's interesting, and like you say, it really is down to Khan. Virgil would be teaching him poise for the most part and staying calm but I think his energy bunny sorta style may just suit him versus Molina if he opts do that instead of a settled one where Molina may just be able to establish some sort of rhythm. I can't quite feel an upset seeing as how Amir has been in with guys his height and who are naturally stronger (Peterson, Garcia, Maidana) than Molina is. Amir has always done better with shorter guys, but they haven't quite been towards the level of which a very motivated Molina may be. Time will tell on that end.

Either way, I don't think this man is a Salita. If his trainer and conditioner are anything to go by, he's a very good fighter and it could be a tough-ish 12 rounds for Amir.

I agree i don't see him being as bad as Salita although i do feel if Khan set about him early he may be overwhelmed but i see Khan just looking to settle down and stick to orders and Molina to just step out of range and try like Garcia to suffocate Khan's early rampaging success as much as he can because Khan is extremely dangerous early.

It's a decent enough fight, I think Hunter will be content with a late stoppage or points win i think he'll stray away from Roach's claims of KO's which didn't help Khan's mindset really.
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