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Default Re: Bute " I want the rematch, And I assure you it will happen "

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
A big factor here though is that Froch might well be the most renowned guy for fighting well away from home,and as Persian pointed out,the references to Andrade are utterly futile.That was a close fight where Bute ran out of steam late.Whatever ****e people want to say (like Butep4p) about signs of Bute getting on top have no bearing whatsoever because he was beaten from the second round onwards.
If there's one guy who home advantage means nothing against,it's Froch.And it may go a bit longer,but all I'm seeing(apart from the guys who know they have my full respect) are people who seem to think it's OK for Bute to only perform in Montreal and as the rematch gets closer(especially before the masterclass against Grachev) you'd think the first fight never happened,yet apart from a few classy and loyal fans,a huge chunk of the Bute army disappeared for months,then are back like Froch was just a bad night at the office.
Georghie Hagi,Nicolae Ceucescu,Allanis Morrisette.Can you hear me?;your boy took one hell of a beating!

I don't expect Froch to be a lesser fighter away from home but Bute to be better on his turf. But like I said, is it enough? If I was not a fan of Bute, I would sure say no. What we saw against Grachev was not a good sign for a rematch against Froch. As a fan, I can put some hope on the fact he finally got his confidence back at the end of the fight but I can't forget what I thought during the Grachev fight: against Froch, it would have been over very soon.

I can just hope. Hope it was a bad night. Hope he was overtrained. Hope that with a larger ring he will have more space to move. But mostly hope that he won't freeze, that he won't be afraid.

Hope is all I have.

But I have plenty of it!

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