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Default Re: Arum turns down Schaefer's Offer for Donaire-Mares and Matthysse-Rios

Originally Posted by CASH_718 View Post
Arum has shown no interest in a rigo/donaire fight.
You mean besides putting him on televised events of his top fighters, including Donaire?

Originally Posted by CASH_718 View Post
And anything can happen. Pac and Rigo could both lose.
And so Donaire fights Pacquiao's fighter (Kratidyngenium or whatever his name is) and Pacquiao still brings in more money than any of GBP's stable.
Originally Posted by CASH_718 View Post
No one is saying he should or should have accepted the offer but to completely blow it off?
This is an assumption. Maybe Arum doesn't like the business model but it's more likely he has no reason to make the trade as a business decision. GBP can say whatever it wants to make it seem like they're offering up an effort, just to drum up publicity and fan support among stupid people who are narrow minded.

If you are Top Rank, why would you trust a "trade" from an organization that tried to eat into your third biggest fight of the year?

Originally Posted by CASH_718 View Post
What about after Rigo/Donaire and Rios/Pac happen? You think Arum will be considering that trade? NO!!!!! He won't.
Assuming Rios and Donaire win then he wouldn't be considering a "trade" for the same reasons he wouldn't be considering a "trade" in the first place: business.

If GBP thought that they could legitimately make money while also making TR money with a "trade" then they should've presented it that way. You're automatically assuming that Arum's Ego is what's to blame. If GBP thought that a rising tide would lift all boats then they would've put together a business proposal with TR in order to show that they both would benefit.

Arum is a business man, I doubt that he would summarily dismiss a sincere offer by GBP to make himself and his business (and his fighters) money.

People like yourself do boxing a disfavor by jumping to conclusions on one side or the other based on favoritism. You dislike Arum so he must be evil so he's ruining boxing. A smarter ****ysis would say that he's simply making a business decision.

Originally Posted by CASH_718 View Post
Wake the **** up people he completely dismissed the offer and basically told Gbp to **** off. All the people defending Arum all have different logic and reasoning..... ****in hilarious.
What evidence do you have that he simply dismissed the offer? Are you just offering up your own interpretation of Arum saying no?

It's simple; GBP announces to the world that they are willing to do a trade in order to increase favor from boxing's nimrods. They wonder why their competition would be so callous as to prevent a clearly fair trade from taking place. Idiots buy it up and continue to demonize whoever it is that they are told to demonize.
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