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Default Re: Cheating Tactics Used by Juan ManROID Marquez the Supposed "LEGEND"

Originally Posted by Eat'Em Up View Post
Marquez's fans are saying that whenever a southpaw and an orthodox fights, foot-stepping happens a lot!
They are trying to justify why Juan Manuel Marquez stepped on Manny Pacquiao's foot 17 times
when they fought for the third time last Nov. 12. They also added that even Pacquiao stepped on
Marquez's foot once in the first round!

But then again, how come that foot stepping never happened in Pacquiao vs Marquez I and II...??
And on the third fight, how come Manny Pacquiao stepped on Marquez's foot only once and Marquez did it 17 times?!
Clearly, It shows that Juan Manuel Marquez and Nacho Nacho Baristain have planned, and pre-meditated on that kind of
cheating during the course of Marquez's training!

Marquez used a lot of dirty tactics when Pacquiao fought him last Nov.12, 2011:

1. Hitting Pacquiao below the belt everytime Pacquiao mounted an attact!

2. Stepping Pacquiao's foot more than 17 times!

3. Hitting Pacquiao at the back of the head about 3 times!

I wonder what kind of dirty tactics will Marquez bring this coming Dec. 8...???!!!
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