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Default What was your personal score card for Mayweather/Cotto?

No wrong answers. I'm not looking to make an argument (this time).
Do you agree with the official scoring 118-110 (10-2), 117-111, 117-111 (9-3). Is this just right? Is it too one sided in Mayweather's favor? Is it too close? Was it a Draw? Did you have cotto winning?
My opinion is that while Cotto looked great in spots. I don't think he was abble to sustain long enough to win more than a round. Parttially due to Mayweather taking the round off. The 8th or 9th round.
Despite my score being diffrent. I think the judges got it right. I belive that in any fight that I score due to the subjective nature of scoring a fight there is a +/- 2 rounds factor. That means if I scored the fight 11-1 I can concive the fight being 9-3 for Mayweather.
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