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Default Re: Top 13 h2h heavyweights in history

Originally Posted by JAB5239 View Post
You can tear my list down, but Im hoping other will post their own list and reasons. Remember, keep the discussion civil.

The top 12 heavyweight h2h all time

1. Muhammad Ali - Showed his ability to overcome adversity many times and his skills would carry him over nearly every fighter ever.

2. Lennox Lewis - I will inevitably hear about his chin, but no fighter had his skills, size, power and agression when he was at his very best.

3. Larry Holmes - One of the gutsiest and most determined fighters with a skillset and chin to match.

4. Joe Louis - The greatest heavyweight if all time in my opinion. That doesn't mean his style wouldn't allow him to lose at times. It wouldn't be often, but it keeps him from being the best h2h in my opinion.

5. George Foreman - The man could be beat, but lets face it he could destroy any fighter on any given night.

6. Joe Frazier - I have a feeling Frazier being so high will bring a lot of controversy. But with his skill, stamina and tenacity it think few beat him at their respective bests.

7. Sonny Liston - At his best Liston was a tyrant capeable of beating nearly any man in history....and he was mean. A skilled, hard punching fighter who wasn't just in the ring for sport...he wanted to hurt you.

8. Wladimir Klitschko - Any man who can stay focused after 7 years and keep reigning on top has to be great and a threat to most fighters in history. He still doesn't crack my all time top 10 list, but with his skills, size and logevity he deserves a spot on this one.

9. Evander Holyfield - He wan't called the warrior for nothing. Had the chin, skills and stamina to fight with the best in history.

10. Vitaly Klitschko - As much as I hate to give anything to a guy I consider hugely overrated, Vittles is a tough guy and would be at any time in history. His size and awkwardness would provide problems for mant fighters.

11. Mike Tyson - No fighter in history was better in the first 4 rounds. If you were lucky to you still weren't out of danger, but you gave yourself a chance.

12. Jack Johnson - Any man who could fight under the duress Johnson was under would persevere and be great in any era. Oh, and the guy could fight.
like the list but tyson is too low for me. see him beating ( in those first 4 rounds) more great fighters than holyfield could period
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