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Default Re: WHy was Paquicao able to Negate Cotto's Jab?

Styles make fights.

It is the simple reason why Hoya looked better against **********. Hoya was able to throw his jab because ********** tends to employ a philly shell.

On the other hand, Pac was like a mosquito. Hoya can not really throw his jab because Pac was nowehere in front of him. Pac was constantly circling and Hoya, even in his prime years, can't really throw a punch unless he is completely planted ansd squared.

Besides, Hoya is really a one handed foghter.

Was the question about Cotto? My bad.

And any idiot who would say drained is stupid. His punch speed was still there, his resistance was still there. Any drained fighter tends to lose his punch resistance first. Eating 400 left hands, to the body, and head, and still standing, while mosley just laid down after being touched by a jab, is not drained.
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