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Default Re: Why did Marquez Cry after losing but not Pacquiao?

"Whats really funny is I'm on this bank job all the way in Secaucus.
I'm in the middle of the ****in' weeds laying down.
He comes over and says, what are you doing here? I say I'm resting.
Here your resting!? How come not at a beach or a bar?
I say, I'm resting. He pulls me in...
starts asking me all kinds of questions, you know this and that.
He says, Oh uh what are you gonna tell us tough guy?
My usual, zero, nothing!
What am I gonna tell you you ****.
He says, no your going to tell me something today tough guy.
I say, all right I'll tell you something...go **** your mother! HaHaHaHaHa Bing! Pong! Boom! Ping!
You saw the paper Anthony, my head was out here like this. *****!
So now I'm coming around, you know, I start to come out of it.
Who do I see in front of me, this big ***** again!
He says, Oh what do you want to tell me now tough guy?
I says Bing, what are you still doing here?
I thought I told you to go **** your mother! HaHaHaHaHa
I thought he was gonna ****! Pow! Ping! Poo! Mother****er.
Hey, I wish I was big just once. HaHaHaHaHa Big cops.
"It's Danny, sir." Ty: "Danny." - Tommy DeVito
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