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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
yeah but that was the quality of Hagler and Duran, and also Hearns when he picked him in the rematch mean those were legit things, and the handpicking of Duran was not a handpicking really. He beat Duran the same as Duran got Ray made when he called Juanita a name and Ray got mad. And he thought Tommy was washed up after Kinchen in late 1988 and signed to fight him in 1989.And then he fought Duran again in 1989 when instead of Hearns and Duran he maybe should have proved he could beat Michael Nunn. but those 3 guys are top fighters who were still legends. so it was fair there. And the fact was Lalonde and the weight issues were ridiculous. 2 titles and not fighting a guy rated at 168 or fighting Lalonde for his title at 175.. I still think it was ridiculous, but I have so much respect for Ray in beating Duran,Hearns,Hagler and Benitez that I just think it was his ego trying to get easy belts.

Leonard definitely cherry-picked late in his career in the late 80s.

His opposition earlier was amazing with Benitez, Duran 2x, Hearns, and even Kalule in a two year period. And although he admittedly waited until Hagler slowed down, Leonard himself hadn't had an official fight in 3 years and was the smaller man.

So although he did some cherry-picking and picked his spots later on, he also has more than enough real quality wins to show his ATGness.
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