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Default Re: Top 13 h2h heavyweights in history


Yet he was still able to roll over greats like Frazier and Norton with little to no problem at all.
Norton had the same problem against others. Jimmy Young and past it Ali did just fine. Lyle made him look amateurish, which he was.

The first Frazier win was legitimately great.

The only person who "bulldozed" Frazier was Foreman. And his defense was good enough to make Ali miss repeatedy in their first fight. The size thing holds no water because we can find dozens of example of little guys beating larger guys in history.
Getting bulldozed twice by Foreman and outboxed by a post-exile Ali lead me rate him lower on the h2h all time scale. I also take physical size into account because I'm not delusional.

A tough fight for anyone, no doubt. But lets not get to excited about him hardly ever dropping a round. He was hardly ever in the ring with good competition so that has a lot to do with it. Again, the size things means little. I remember Chris Byrd being competitive for 9 rounds before Vits quit, and I would put him antwhere near an all time great list.
I don't remember Byrd being very competitive, but Vitali had a shoulder injury the whole time. As for the rounds thing, Holmes, for one, fought plenty of poor competition and struggled more than Vitali in those fights.
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