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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

An attack on Leonard is an indirect attack on Duran's win.

And I'll bury you for that ****.

147 Leonard is almost completely flawless.

He didnt duck Cuevas either, you ****eyed mother****ers.

After Leonard won his first world title by stopping Benitez for the WBC welterweight title in November 1979, there loomed an obvious candidate for a big money fight, and his name was not Roberto Duran. In early 1980, the mexican welterweight Jose "Pepino" Cuevas was boxing's longest reigning champion having won his WBA title in 1976 and defended it on ten occasions.

A showdown between the two 147-pound claimants seemed not only natural but inevitable, and the ground work for the fight was laid by Leonard's first WBC title defense, a fourth round one-punch knockout over England's Davey Boy Green in March of 1980.

A deal for the Leonard-Cuevas fight had actually been reached, with the approval of both sanctioning bodies, but the proposed match-up rapidly began to unravel amid charges of backroom politicking involving some unlikely bedfellows.

Although Leonard was the standard bearer of the World Boxing Council, the organization was headquartered in Mexico, and WBC President Jose Sulaiman implored his countryman to step aside and pave the way for a Duran challenge to Leonard (a cynic might have noted Sulaiman's cozy relationship with Don King at work in these machinations: Leonard-Cuevas would have been a big fight on which King would not have made a single peso).

The World Boxing Association, whose title Cuevas held, was based in Duran's home country, and the military government there turned the thumbscrews on a pair of Panamanian officials, WBA president Rodrigo Sanchez and Elias Cordova, the chairman of the organization's championship committee.

Col. Ruben Paredes, who headed up the National Guard of Panamanian dictator Gen. Omar Torrijos, paid a visit to the WBA offices and strongly intimated that it would be in Sanchez's best interests to pull the plug on Leonard-Cuevas. Paredes represented the muscle of Torrijos. Torrijos principal padrone was Carlos Eleta, Duran's influential backer.
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