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Default Re: Top 13 h2h heavyweights in history

Originally posted by Nightcrawler
same question as above though, take 30 great heavies and who beats more?
I'd have to have a top 30 to say. Looking at the top 15 (and I don't call anyone past that 'great'), I'd say its about evens. Personally, I'd favor Holyfield over one or two more. Tyson winning more spectacularly most of the time, but not winning more. His losses against the greats would be more spectacular as well.

i think it takes a VERY special fighter to beat a prime tyson

Me too.

i see holy getting beating by less than special fighters based on his sporadic performances and tendancy to abandon a plan on a whim
Anyone I pick to beat the best or near-best version of Holyfield is going to be damn special. Maybe he doesn't hold it together against the greats for as long as Tyson, but maybe not. He never got Buster'ed, I know that much.

When I'm talking H2H, I'm talking about the very best version of each guy doing a round-robin kind of thing anyway. I'll take the best Evander Holyfield over as many greats as I'll take the best Mike Tyson, but only one of them gets to have the other on his list, and for me, that one ain't Mike.
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