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Default Re: Left Hook- palms down or facing inward?

I consider myself a good left hooker, its my sunday punch anyway so I practice it the most and I've pondered myself which way is better palm up or palm down. If its a lunging hook from mid or long range i'd say palm in if its really close I throw it with my palm down very short and tight using my first two knuckles. The palm in is more of a clubbing hook IMO and the palm down is more of a sharp tight hook. the latter is more of a knockout punch because its hard to see coming and the knuckles hit the chin pretty flush. It takes longer to develop power from such a short distance. Jack Dempsey had two hooks one from mid-long range kind of a leaping left hook See 7th round vs Tunney the first shot he hit him with in the combo before dropping him and for the short hook see Dempsey vs Sharkey the hook he hit him with was short traveled 4-6 inches but lifted Sharkey off his feet before he crashed down hard on his knees
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