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Default Re: Oscar De la Hoya vs Thomas Hearns, 147, somebody gets KO'd, or decision?

Originally Posted by Jai C View Post
No disrespect. I know thats your guy from your avatar, but Frazier was not known for his defense. If that were the case, he should have been able to dodge some of those slow, heavy shots from Foreman. His bobbing and weaving was only a set up to throw the left hook.
None taken..But bobbin and weavin, great head work and constant movement is great defense, Look at how he was makin Ali miss big shots in theyre first fight..Foreman just had Joes number and was just to much for him, Name me a good fighter that Foreman fought where he never exposes a mans defense with pure brute force. So im sorry but Foreman was a bad example my man.
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