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Default Re: Lionel rose overrated

Something else that is very remiss from today's newest boxing "experts{(?) is their lack of understanding, or information/knowledge on how things were assessed in those times in the sixties, how a boxer or trained calculated or evaluated how another boxers style. skill or attitude could actually be measured against a printed news article texst or magazine report...we forget that there were no videos at those times. (well they were rare at that time)

Often boxers/trainers/matchmakers of those times, had as their greatest resource of a boxers form, a highly awaited, monthly magazine, where hopefully, a commentary and rating of a fighter/boxer was described; journalists, rarely are boxing orientated, and the explicit skills of a champion or local boxer was never really revealed. It never told you pf a boxers confidence, attitude, spark, skill etc. etc. it was never provided. In fact, it was rare in Australia in the mid to late sixties that we saw film of anyone else internationally other than Casius Clay (Ali).

In smaller concessions this even happened across aussie land during TVRingside days, with many fighters fronting up to fight anyone, and everyone. I see that today often, and as a previous boxer/trainer, that contracts now, explicitly ask for a video of a boxer.....

All of what I have said needs to be factored into how well Lionel boxed champions who he had no visual (video) knowledge about, to build strategy this context, we should also regard Lionels skill as being remarkable, and ready to take on any high rating person of those times......He never dodged anyone !!!

Lionel did fight a couple of poor boxers in his/their sunset years.....this is typical of many fighters who need some moola... it certainly does not mirror though, a regular strategy today where boxers dodge high skilled prospects and opt out for high lossage percentage prospectors......
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