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Default Re: No way! Pacquiao can KO JMM in the 4th fight

Originally Posted by Nopporn View Post
and no way JMM can KO Pacquiao in this rematch either. We have withnessed this fact in those 3 previous fights already.

JMM knows well how to deal with Pac's aggressive style and he's now preparing himself for countering Pac all night again.

Besides, JMM has never been knocked out by anyone before so Roach and Pacquioa need to stop thinking about knocking out him and need to find other ways around to beat him by decisions.

The more you attack him, the more you get his counter punches.

I suggest Pacquiao to use his brain rather than his aggressiveness to beat JMM in the 4th fight. I don't know exactly how but he needs to find out himself.

One thing for sure is Pacquiao needs to beat JMM in this fight. So Good luck! my warrior.
Pacquiao did exactly this in the third bout. This is the reason Marquez picked up the clearest win of the trilogy.
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