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Default Re: British Forum BETTING thread

Originally Posted by cutthroat22 View Post
Did that win?

The odds for the flintoff fight are all over the place, other guy to win on points is 11/2 which is crazy. Obviously the robbery is likely but if flintoff looks like **** and is surviving I can't see him getting it.
No, it lost

I don't think those odds are bad though.... worth a little flutter I think.

Originally Posted by zico2010 View Post
Waiting on less than 7 rounds in the Price - Skelton fight tomorrow for about 200. Last one of a 6 fight accumulator at about 10/1:

Buckland to beat Foster
Quigg to beat Monroe
Murray to beat Navarro
Rabchenko to beat Vitu
Guererro to beat Berto on points
Price v Skelton to last 6 rounds or less
Given that those have come in, stick 20 on six or more.

If he goes over early, you've got around 180 still. If he lasts, you've at least got 50 or 60 for some good predictions last week.


As for Flintoff, I've genuinely no clue over where to go with it.... half of me thinks he'll come in, take some shots and fall over, Freddie will be a hero again, the other thinks the lad will fancy his chances of making a name for himself....

7/4 is very good. Flintoff hasn't been in a real fight before, so he's bound to be very nervous.... defensively he's brutal, so if the other lad has anything in his fists he ought to get him out of there.
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