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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by Thread Stealer View Post
How many times must this stupid Legendary Nights myth be shut down?

Pryor rejected the fight, he wanted more than the $500k Leonard was offering. This is from Aaron's own mouth after the Blackmoore fight.

For comparisons, Pryor had just made about $50k earlier beating Pambele for the title.

Probably never.You could start a thread saying "Where should SRL be on the all time P4P list?" and you're guaranteed you'll get some idiot within a page or two saying "He ducked Pryor"
Pryor had great wins at 140 but let's not forget his most famous win was over a great SFW and he got there with some dubious help.
And spare me the rematch ****.Arguello was done at the first bell of the first fight.

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
Dude, he demanded 12 rounds and a 20 foot ring !

Those weren't the conditions for Hearns and Mugabi. Oh, wait.
You've excelled as usual in this thread mate.I think some people tend to forget that Tommy and Cholo were the ones who really wanted these fights.
I suspect Ray was well aware that from 160 upwards,any young and hungry lion with real quality would have too much for him by 1988.Is it really that much of a bad thing that he took big fights against old foes that the public wanted? Ray was far better off than Hearns and particularly Duran financially,so it became like a seniors tour,until hubris(not for the first time) had Ray by the ***** and he went in against Norris,and we know how that went.
People who want to knock him for anything post-Hagler probably judge Barrera on the Khan fight,and Ali on the Berbick fight.
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