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Default Re: would the rope of dope worked against...

Ali used different things to beat different opponents. If Angie did not employ the correct strategy, Ali's boxing smarts would come into play and he would make adjustments on the fly during rounds. Not many have that skill and Ali could pull it off. His biggest problem stylewise were the non-agressive boxers who didn't lead, not the hitters.

The rope a dope really didn't work well against Bugner #2 or Lyle either. And all Ronnie did was to shorten up his punches because he said he knew going into the fight that wide hooks would never land against Muhammad. So he threw straight shots and didn't play the rope a dope game. But Ali changed up and went to something else late in the fight and got the stoppage win. Just how many heavyweight champs can do something like that anyway? How many are capable of that degree of thinking in the 10th round of a fight they are losing?
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