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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by moneypaysbills View Post
I must admit I'm not too versed on the whole Roy-DM situation but I've been reading about it. However, I don't really have a definitive opinion on that rate now, maybe sometime in the future. As for the Hopkins rematch, Bhop didn't want to risk his MW reign even for big $$$ as Joe and Roy both found out . As for Roy going up to heavy I can do nothing but applaud him for that considering he won the belt, even if Ruiz wasn't the most spectacular HW champ ever.

As to a particular fight he cherry picked people like Dave Telesco, Clinton woods, Richard Frazier and Grant. The sort of fighters that were never on Roy's level. Maybe cherrypicked is a bit harsh but he didn't need to fight every mandatory. However, as you said once the LHW dried up and after he was caught on steroids he went up to HW which was great

I understand exactly where you're coming from mate, and like I say, I was frustrated too.

I wish those fights with DM and Hop had have materialised, and I wish he'd never made Tarver fight Harding in that eliminator. If he'd have beaten Tarver earlier, he probably would have stayed at heavy a little longer, or gone to Cruiser, and his career might have turned out a lot different.

It was an absolute joke that Frazier was a mandatory, but Roy didn't have a lot of choice but to fight him, because he wanted to unify the division against Reggie Johnson. It would have been silly to kick up a fuss, but I don't know how he got himself motivated for that fight. He went on to fight Reggie in his very next fight.

Roy was supposed to be fighting Rocchigianni early in 2000, but something happened where he couldn't commit to the fight. David Telesco was his replacement. HBO wanted the fight with Telesco, and he'd been baiting Roy for a while.

Regarding Woods, I've heard Roy say that he didn't want the fight, but the IBF threatened to strip him if he didn't take it.

There's a lot of politics in boxing, and things are never as straight forward as they seem.

I found this interesting article a few days ago.

This shows that it would have been impossible for Roy to try and unify the 168 division, what he gets a lot of criticism for.

Regards, Loudon.
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