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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by moneypaysbills View Post
I agree that the fights with BHop and DM would've been great stuff for boxing at the time and would certainly have settled a lot of arguments about lineage that are still taking place.

Yeah the Mandatory system is sometimes ridiculous but on the flip side it helps fighters get their desired title shot.

Fair enough with Telesco and Woods if Roy didn't really want the fight but his arm was twisted. However, as you know and said it's never that simple in the end.

As for Roy staying at Heavy, great as he was I would've worried for him going in with a hard hitter at HW could have hurt rather than helped his career.

Yeah it's an interesting article, but apart from a throwaway unconfirmed Don King quote, we only hear from Levin so it could contain an element of bias.

I must say I liked this quote

"Jones, who usually leads with lightning left hooks, unwrapped a jab that looked like one of those "smart" missiles from Desert Storm. He outjabbed Pazienza by an incredible 85-4 margin."

The part about smart missiles made me chuckle

nice talking to you
Yeah it was a great quote ha! Do you remember when Prince Naz used to talk about letting his two rocket launchers go, and his corkscrew uppercut? Ha! Those were the days.

Regarding the Levin quote, yes we only have his word on that, but General Zod posted a thread on here titled "Benn, Jones and King" and Don wanted Roy to tie into a three fight deal, but Roy wouldn't do it.

Nice debating with you, as always.

Regards, Loudon.
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