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Default Re: Pacquiao vs. Marquez 1,2,3 all on youtube by HBO sports (re-watch and state who w

Originally Posted by PH|LLA View Post
In the first fight he looked the better boxer during most rounds but it's a 12 round fight and every minute counts from the opening bell to the final bell. JMM has never dominated PAC like PAC dominated JMM at the start of that fight.

Second fight they both looked like equal boxers IMO the kd was the 1 pt difference and even in that round JMM looked good up to that point. But like I said every minute counts and Marquez was getting knocked around in the 3rd rd after he went down

On my cards after 36 rounds it's 19-17 for Marquez but unfortunately for him knockdowns matter and to pac's credit he's been able to dominate marquez in certain moments more than JMM has been able to dominate PAC.

JMM is a great fighter who really has the style to defeat PAC so IMO the fact that they are so level kind of shows pac's abilities
Yeah I think you've put it quite well there let's be honest all three fights genuinely could have went either way and there would have been controversy no matter what the results were. The only thing that separates them I think is that at points during the trilogy, less so in the third fight, Pacquiao has looked like he could knock Marquez out whereas Marquez hasn't so credit to him for going 36 rounds, but yeah Pac deserves credit for holding his own against one of the best boxers out there. I think in terms of legacy history will show Pacquiao ranked ahead of Marquez but in terms of H2H they cannot be separated.
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