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Default Re: Your Assessment of Carlos Molina?

This is deffo no a joke fight, this guy reminds me a bit of JMM, he is a sharp little fighter and Khan has to be on the ball.

That said I really want to see improvments in Khan's approach and temperament, to prolong his career he must adopt a more defensive approach, and also his aims in fights and how to win them. I think from the ouset he must focus on winning the fight via points and stop tying to look for KO, if they come they come but dont force them which is the key. When forcing them he become reckless something Khan can not look to do, i believe if Khan goes about his boxing in a controlled and defensive manner he will be very hard to outpoint round by round, which in time would force his opponent to force the fight and become reckless and more open themself which in turn gives Khan the openings he tries to force early on.

So Khan needs to be more controlled, slow down his workrate, become more accurate with his shots less wasteful which in return saves his energy in the fight too.

I think one of the main problem Khan has is he always seems in a rush, Hunter needs to slow him down so he has more time to think about what he has to do next.
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