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Default Re: Why did 50c sticked with Arum, not Floyd?

Gam looks like war is on his mind. Gotta give props to Curtis....he's no going half way in on this whole boxing promoter thing. Not even 1 year in the game and he's got a stable of blue chip fighters...a top trainer....his own gym....a big PPV event where two of his fighters are being showcased. What more people want or expect from 50 is beyond me. He's doing things for these fighters now! Part of the problem between Floyd and 50 is Curtis felt responsible for these fighters career where Floyd wanted to move at his own pace.

Which meant the career of these fighters would be at the mercy of Floyd's timeline. 50 has zero....nill....nunca experience in boxing promotion, but he's some how was able to accomplish some pretty significant things even after burning some pretty major bridges in the process with guys like De La Hoya and Haymon.

Curtis has the ability to add a new hustle to his portfolio, pick up the "need to knows" and make it a successful venture. He's done it a lot. The mistakes he's made thus far will be taken as a learning experience. I believe 50 is going to be a major player in this game in the next 2 years.
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