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Default Re: Top 13 h2h heavyweights in history

everyone of these guys have had trouble with certain fighters,

Lewis got starched 2X by good right hand punchers (not remarkable punchers) and Lennox only had a total of 43 fights (very good competition but could be argued that his best opponents were past prime) Lewis also never KO'd a man after 8rounds so I find him vulnerable to the 15 round fighters and the punchers especially those with stamina

Holmes went down by guys that were proven easily overcome, Shavers who had Cobb,Mercado,Lyle,Stander and others down or in trouble before being overcome not to mention being dominated by Quarry and 20-25 trial horse Bob Stallings, another guy to put Holmes down hard was Renaldo Snipes who got dropped 2X vs Coetzee and had King steal the decision to get a title shot instead of Coetzee (which almost backfired) From the HOLMES FIGHT ON THE 22 FIGHT SNIPES ONLY WON 1 OF HIS NEXT 7 FIGHTS...When Holmes took on a different level of class although past it (Spinks in his 1st Heavyweight fight) and Tyson he was beaten

Foreman had stamina problems and was beaten by Ali and Young and almost Lyle (leads you to believe he would have lost more had he upped his level of opposition

Tyson only once KO'd a man after 8 rounds (Jose Ribalta TKO) and had severe mental issues and quit more than once...A great early starter but how does he do against someone that does not fear him (Douglas,Evander,Williams,McBride,Lewis)

Liston (level of opposition poor other than Patterson and Machen) Quit or got blasted by Ali and Flat Ko'd by a somewhat decent puncher (when older) in Leotis Martin (who weighed under 200lbs..I think you need more than a win over Cleveland Williams to be a head to head king or we may have to bring in Bob Satterfield

Ali adapted well to the big slow guys but was troubled by the smaller better conditioned men like Doug Jones, Henry Cooper, Frazier, Leon Spinks, Patterson

I have trouble with these head to head match ups because all fighters are vulnerable to a style
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