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Default Re: Arum turns down Schaefer's Offer for Donaire-Mares and Matthysse-Rios

Originally Posted by purephase View Post
Could any of the Arum defenders either dispute the accuracy of this timeline or explain why it's somehow wrong for fans to scold Arum as a result? Thanks.

I dont quite get this Arum defending.

Seems pretty simple. Oscar was willing to give Mares to Bob to make the Donaire fight, if Bob gave him Rios to make the Lucas fight (both fighters being given would have been the underdogs)

And going from whats given to us, which is the only thing anyone can comment on, Arum declined on the principle of trading fighters.

I dont know why people are asking for the figures of the deal, Arum doesnt mention anything about numbers, hes declining on the principle of giving up Rios for Mares.

Arum is the one that killed these fights, as usual.
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