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Default Re: Hector Macho Camacho

Originally Posted by ElTrigueno View Post
To me, the guy was a great Puerto Rican champion....but ESB, let's be realistic right now. If Macho was fighting right now, you know it would be full of people callin him a runner due to his defensive style, and not standing in one spot when he fights. Before his sudden passing, when was the last time we even heard his name mentioned on an HBO fight or Showtime fight?

I know there are some real true Macho fans, and ones that respect his style because it did win fights, and his personality was bright, and kind of drew you to the tv.
well he isnt fighting in this era and youre right, these forum posters would trash muhammad ali for his distance fights and not stopping more opponents at the end of his career like norton, shavers, ect.
but Macho has 88 fights...thats automatic old school **** right there, not even taking into account his legit title fights and wins when there was 1 or 2 champs per weight and not 8 champs per division like now after Toney who has about that many fights, no one else will do that got clowns now who are 32 years old with 18 fights and only fight when they have to not because they like it.
camacho is an ATG , no doubt
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