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Default Re: Department Of Consumer Affairs investigates Cotto's Showtime PPV in PR

Fighters have their own best interest in mind, not that of their countrymen.
It was Cotto's decision to make his fight PPV in Puerto Rico, because thats the only place his fight will sell.

Cotto-Trout in the US likely gets less than 10,000 buys. Not nearly enough to merit the costs of the sattelites and cable companies from putting it on.
The promotion likely loses money if they stage it PPV in the US.

In the meantime Puerto Ricans can either pay up and be happy , or not pay up and know that Miguel Cotto asks of them of their money to see him perform.

I certainly cant fault Cotto for maximizing his profit, afterall its his life and health he puts at stake everytime he climbs that ring.
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