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Default Re: Not sure how anyone could dislike Cotto...

Originally Posted by divac View Post
All he did in the 24/7's was complain about Margarito's wraps.
Even brought his IPAD out to show a blood stain in Margarito's wraps.

In the spanish stations here in LA, Cotto did the same, complain about the wraps and never owning up to his deficiences as a fighter.

Cotto does'nt strongly suspect Margarito of loading his hands, he points to it as fact, and he was doing that even before the CSAC held their bogus hearings on the matter.

I see nothing wrong if he does'nt rub you the wrong way Tazo, but get out of here, Miguel Cotto is a complainer extroardinaire, of that there is no doubt.
Of course he owned up to his deficiencies as a fighter. He usually always followed up comments about the wraps with the fact that he made mistakes in terms of his conditioning and strategy in that first fight. He repeated it it multiple times throughout interviews and the 24/7s.

"Complainer extraordinaire" is simply an exaggeration. One reasonable complaint out of a career of quality fights with no other excuses concerning his losses doesn't make him exceptional in that regard at all.
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