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Default Re: Not sure how anyone could dislike Cotto...

Originally Posted by puertorricane View Post
so he's a business man trying to get extra money from his own people while the fight is free for those in the states....

easily i can see why he's getting hate in the island.... if it was tito he'll be happy with his purse and not try to earn extra money from his own people

You have to pay for Showtime in the United States. There is no "free" as you want to call it. You actually have to subscribe to the service/package. He's also already mentioned that the "PPV" was the idea to get exposure/excitement for the Puerto Rican prospects that are fighting on the undercard which will only be shown over there. The money from the PPV goes into paying the Puerto Rican fighters, building more fight cards in Puerto Rico, signing more Puerto Rican prospects and getting them onto more future cards/PPVs to get exposure and chances at the big time. He already gets his take from co-promoting with Golden Boy. Seems like the islanders have gotten to invested in receiving govn't benefits. Better hope the vote to become 51st state fails, then you'll be *****ing at alot more than "$49.99".
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