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Default I like David Price but...

I don't usually do this lads especially about british fighters but i'm gonna have a little moan here...

What the **** have been the point in his last 2 fights? can someone tell me?

Audley Harrison & Matt Skelton, a combined age of 86 years old

And before people say "Well he needs fights to learn..." what exactly have these 2 fights taught him? that if he hits a old past it fighter they are gonna go down? Did they not know that already? at least get someone durable who can give him some rounds.

Now don't take this as me hating on the guy, I really like him, that's why it frustrates me, he comes across well in interviews and I think he has all the tools to go far (probably a world title) but for ****sake, don't try and sell me a fight against Audley Harrison.

I hope he steps up in class next time out, let's see what he can really do.

Because at the minute, it pains me to say this but Tyson Fury is taking the better fighters on.

And that's a sorry statement to make.
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