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Default Re: Diaz want Anderson Silva!

Originally Posted by Will Munny View Post
Why? We've seen Anderson dismantle other semi-competent stand up fighters his entire career. I realize Rua is probably more versatile than most that he has faced, but his chin is pretty easy to find. Anderson wins that fight pretty easily. I'd rather see him fight an elite wrestler with some sub defense.

In his UFC career he's had three tough fights. Hendo(can at 185), SOnnen(can at any weight), Lutter(can at life). All strong wrestlers, problem is Sonnen is a triangle waiting to happen, Hendo thinks he's the second coming of Mike Tyson, and Lutter, well, Lutter is Lutter.

The only interesting fight to me at MW is Weidman. Jones, Rashad, Hendo II, Davis, or Gustafsson would all be intriguing fights at LHW imo.
Big about face on Sonnen Willy-boy

You were going on and on about how Sonnen should have beaten Spider the first time, and how he would beat him the second time
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