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Default Re: Thoughts on Luke Rockhold

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
What is the consensus of this guy on this forum?

A lot of people see Luke as the future of the MW division. If not the one to dethrone Anderson; the one to replace him as the MW kingpin when he is gone.

I just don't see it. I see a well rounded guy with a lot of flash, but I don't see someone that will be dominant at the top level. It's also worth noting that he is amongst the bigger guys in the division. His best win so far is against Jacare, and I don't think he even deserved the decision in that fight. If you take that fight away, his best win is a gritty battle against a mid level talent (at best) in Tim Kennedy.

Sure, he has dominated the likes of Keith Jardine, Jesse Taylor, and Paul Bradley, but were those really performances indicative of a future great? When he makes his way over to the UFC, where do you think he will end up in the MW division? Top 10? Top 5? Champion?
I think you're being a little harsh on him. I thought he clearly defeated Jacare, and I think Kennedy is every bit as goof of a win as Jacare. Kennedy and Souza have similar records, and their fight was razor thin when they went head to head.

I don't think Rockhold has enough speed to compete with Anderson. Belfort's hand speed may be the difference if they fought, but that one is still close to a 50/50 match-up in my opinion. I haven't watched enough of Weidman to have an opinion on that match-up.

I think Rockhold is definitely a top 5 fighter, and would only take Anderson as the division's clear favorite against him.
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