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Default Re: Canelo Wants Cotto In May

Originally Posted by locard View Post
For the same reason nobody wants to fight Molina. He's unmarketable

no fanbase and his octopus style is painful to watch.
Unlike the highly popular and much beloved 2012 version of Kermit Cintron
Because unlike Lara, Williams is a well known name with an exciting style and a very marketable fight. And he still got the W over the dirty boring ¨i throw punches like they cost me money¨ Lara.
Everyone at welterweight for years refused to fight Williams because he wasn't a big enough name. I guess getting starched by Martinez, schooled by Lara, and grinding out a boring decision over Ishida made him a star.
He' called out Sergio before, Canelo wanting him, Cotto or Floyd is nothing new. Sergio knows he cant beat Canelo if he's not 100% in shape, therefore the blatant duck of picking Murray.

Sergio is the same guy who is willing to drain himself like a corpse in order to fight Pac or Floyd, yet he's not fully confident on taking on Canelo, one of the biggest money matches out there. somebody Sergio is always craving for

This is just a proof of how much of a threat Canelo is for these old farts, Cotto, Floyd and Sergio

Canelo is tired of these *****es ducking his challenge when he's the undefeated cash cow he is, I dont think he's afraid of anyone, he just wants to get the big money matches ASAP, before these old farts retire, which could be anytime. Canelo will have enough time to dispose of lesser beings like glass jawed Kirkland later on
I know you're just trolling with the Martinez bull****, but Canelo's call-outs mean absolutely nothing. He's been calling out Mayweather for years but his own team admitted they turned down the fight. Actions > Words; I'm sure Martinez would can the Murray fight in a minute if Golden Boy approached them with a serious offer rather than empty talk from their latest coddled star.
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