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Default Juan Dinamita Marquez vs Miguel Cotto

PR vs Mexico

@140 (not 147)
**** picked 140 instead of 147 because i felt it would be the best weight to get a competitive bout, at 147 Cotto was a beast in his prime, while JMM is no natural welter, evwn to this day he will only weigh in like 143 vs Pac, they could easily make 140 but they would rather eat then cut a few.pounds
Who wins, & how???

Miguel was a big, strong 140 pounder, but struggled to mae tha weight, and you could even say a little chinny at this weight, even a little green. JMM has fought at 147 and came in around 144, so 140 would be ideal for him, and would level the playing field. At 140 JMM is older, wiser with decent power. Obviouslly im talking about the old Miguel, cause he cant make 140 anymore.

How the fight plays out??? It would be a war. I think it would be start out similar to the JMM/Diaz fight. Cotto would apply effective agressivness, battering Marquez. Jmm would get his shots in also, as he is an effective counterpuncher, and Cotto was never known as a defensive genius. Early i believe Cotto would be winning, getting the better of Marquez. But as the fight progresses, late around round 10, stamina plays a big factor. Cotto would be tired, while Dinamita still well conditioned. JMM starts busting up a backpeddling Cotto, landing beatiful combos, hurting Cotto but never dropping him. It goes to tha scoredards, split decision to Cotto.
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