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Default Re: Department Of Consumer Affairs investigates Cotto's Showtime PPV in PR

Originally Posted by Zombieguy View Post
Cotto is an independent contractor. Showtime is a private company. Neither owes Puerto Rico anything. He may charge/not charge anybody he wants for his services to fight. If they do not want to pay, they do not have to receive the service. But Cotto is not their slave and he does not have to fight for them.

Everybody these days thinks they are entitled to things they are not. Puerto Rico thinks Cotto and Showtime cannot charge them for this fight because they're not charging anyone else. They think they have a right to see this fight. If I want to charge admission to a party for Person A but not for Person B that is my business. **** move for sure but it's my party so it's my concern. It is not discrimination or criminal. It is business. Why does nobody understand this?
Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. The rest of the U.S. gets this fight free, but they have to pay. i don't pay attention in my business law class, but I guess this could be construed as price discrimination
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