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Default Re: Canelo Wants Cotto In May

Originally Posted by locard View Post
For the same reason nobody wants to fight Molina. He's unmarketable

no fanbase and his octopus style is painful to watch.

Because unlike Lara, Williams is a well known name with an exciting style and a very marketable fight. And he still got the W over the dirty boring ¨i throw punches like they cost me money¨ Lara.

Because Rosado didn't beat Canelo's announced opponent

He doesn't want to waste his time with subpar opposition like them, he wants the Cottos or Mayweathers, not these *****es. The Vanes-Lara fight just showed they're not on Canelo's level

Sulaiman was the one who canned the Trout match for sept 15. No unification bs policy. He said Canelo was going to have to vacate his belt in order to fight Trout, Canelo didn't like that.

Yet he is the guy who beat Canelo's opponent, so he earned his shot in ppl's eyes, he's also mexican with an exciting style, acceptable option for a Sept 15 taking all the other circumstances into account

He' called out Sergio before, Canelo wanting him, Cotto or Floyd is nothing new. Sergio knows he cant beat Canelo if he's not 100% in shape, therefore the blatant duck of picking Murray.

Sergio is the same guy who is willing to drain himself like a corpse in order to fight Pac or Floyd, yet he's not fully confident on taking on Canelo, one of the biggest money matches out there. something Sergio is always craving for

This is just a proof of how much of a threat Canelo is for these old farts, Cotto, Floyd and Sergio

Canelo is tired of these *****es ducking his challenge when he's the undefeated cash cow he is, I dont think he's afraid of anyone, he just wants to get the big money matches ASAP, before these old farts retire, which could be at anytime. Canelo will have enough time to dispose of lesser beings like glass jawed Kirkland later on
molina is not marketable? but gomez is? ryan rhodes? matthew hatton?

who was rosado supposed to beat? he hasnt lost in two years and is on a seven fight win streak. wtf are you talking about "rosado didn't beat Canelo's announced opponent."

by canelos level, are you referring to a cintron who last seen losing to molina and jumping out of rings like a frog? a mosely who lost to floyd and manny, at 147, and begged naz to stop the fight against manny? the level of josesitio lopez? a guy that less than three months prior( fighters would not even think about entering the ring in less than nine months after this type of fight) was invoved in a war with his first attempt at 147 and was fighting 140-pound eight rounders with less than a 50 percent ko record just 18 months earlier?

do you have any proof that canelo called out sergio before september 15 before sergio tore his acl?

of course not.

you just got your ass kicked on your own thread.

you may not think so, but everyone else does.

oh yeah, ortiz was canelos next opponent because he had never fought at 154 before. in fact, he wasnt even top 5 welterweight.

youre looking real stupid here.

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