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Default Re: Should Floyd fight Angulo as a tune - up?

Originally Posted by melo9100 View Post
Why dont you SHUT THE FUK UP. Floyd isnt going to fight Pac because he doesnt need to. Pac needs Floyd. He's scrambling coming off two straight L's. Of he'll accept 45/55 now. lol Floyd can fight Canelo or Robert, sell 1.5 million and get 80 percent of the purse. Pac has no other options after this fight he's gonna lose anyway. Angulo? Slap yo self.
Don't steal my lines for one.

That **** is my line. I stole it from someone else.

Anyway, Mayweather talked all that ****, so he needs to fight.

Man, get the **** outta here about finances. Do I look like a ****in accountant.

Get your nerd ass out of my thread. I don't give a **** about that bull****.

My key points.

Guy talks ****. Guy needs to back up **** talking.

End of story. Get your gay ass bull**** the **** outta my thread. Go watch two dudes bangin in the UFC.

That's your style.

You're gay.

I just destroyed your ass. You're finished. Delete yourself.


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