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Default Re: Why did 50c sticked with Arum, not Floyd?

Originally Posted by Royal-T-Bag View Post
why do filipinos always have to add extra ed's at the end of verbs?

Because of crab mentality and insecurity issues. They get checked and made fun of if they make spelling mistakes or if they do not become acceptable or cool enough so they have to make it up via good education and showing off.

It's basically sad since most pinoys are gifted and talented and all they have to do is be themselves and not care what other people think, but because of crab mentality and insecurities, the ego comes 1st and that's why the country is still stuck being in the 3rd world when they could have been a 2nd or develop world a long time ago.

I'm sure Filipinos knows what I'm talking about but they will probably start calling me or you names. By the way not all Filipinos are like these, there are good hearted hardworking pinoys too.
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