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Default Whos the number one fighter toe to toe? Just power and chin? and maybe endurance

So two fighters just punching each other in the head without moving off a marked white line till the weaker one falls.

Would it be someone like George Foreman or David Tua with a good chin and seriously strong punches?

Would it be a guy like Tyson who has a solid chin huge power and lightning fast combinations of those power punches?

Would it be a guy like Valuev who has a good chin, and extremely heavy hands from a huge mass that normally he dosnt land due to lack of speed but due to standing on a line he will now be able to connect fully no one can stick and move now.

Would it be someone like Holyfield or Ali etc who can just take unbelievable amounts punishment to the head and still be completely unaffected?

In the whole of boxing history who would win this competition?

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