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Default Re: Canelo Wants Cotto In May

Originally Posted by locard View Post
Canelo has been stepping up the competition gradually ever since he became champ, and yeah, pretty much everyone is more marketable than Molina. Mexican fans just HATE mexican fighters who hug more than in a gay porno flick, like Molina does.

The only reason they gave Josesito the match was because he BEAT ORTIZ, Canelo's announced opponent, dont tell me you forgot that single detail dumbass

Yeah Ortiz, huge welter who could do the weight jump at anytime, who weighed 164lbs against Mayweather with appealing style young, extremely athletic, and highly popular with the fans. ****ty fight yeah. **** off

in my thread? wtf are you talking about? nvm I dont care about what you or anyone here thinks, you meant absolutely nothing to me, you're just my time killers for the time being

You're wrong and biased and riding each others ****s wont change that
are you mexican? because i actually LIVE in mexico and MEXICANS could care less about canelo.

who gives a **** if ortiz was his announced oppponent? and exactly what do you mean that he COULD DO THE WEIGHT JUMP AT ANY TIME? had victor ever fought at 154 before or not? you know, like hatton and josesito. tow guys who had never fought at 154 before.

yeah. thats what i thought. and the way victor lost to the 140-pounder just shows how canelo was cherry-picking after pbf beat him up(ortiz).

and to be perfectly clear, mosely, cintron, josesito and gomez all fought their fights prior to canelo under the 154 weight limit. all four WBC title defenses. and canelo saying he wanted to fight sergio is entirely different than "calling him out" as you said. he might as well said that he "wanted" to fight wlad for all anyone cares. and the fight not appealing to fans? but josesitio would? gomez? mosely coming off two welterweight losses? cintron losing to molina and jumping out of a ring?

i would use language like "dumbass," "**** off," and
"****s" along with childish emoticons but that would lower myself to your level which is something i choose not to do as i graduated high school many years ago.

lara and vanes not worthy of canelos time but cintron, mosely, gomez and josesitio are?

do even understand how dumb you look right now? actually, youre so clueless you probably dont even realize it.

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