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Default Re: Canelo Wants Cotto In May

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
canelo will kill all 154 look at these butthurt *****es cryong like females on their rags because of canelos ppast opposition which is still pretty good but canelo is under a microscope, these haters will all be proven wrong come may 4th but their rags will still find something to cry and moan about specially this Quincy gay ***git who if you look at his post history has the most hate for canelo as that's all that he talks about on ESB canelo must have ****ed his mom real good this dudes his hate is as deep as it gets the hate flows trough his body and canelo is all he east sleep and thinks, ***git ass *****. haha
have you figured out who donald curry is yet?

6000 posts and you dont even know who donald curry is. even worse is you think that canelo wouldve knocked out curry, without even knowing who donald curry is?

typical dumb**** canelo nuthugger.

please google run-on sentence. you should try the use of punctuation.

or better yet, go back to school and get yourself a GED.

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