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Originally Posted by Nipple View Post
Matt's a stand-up guy, and that has to be respected.

He always gave it his best. And you can't ask for more than that!

All the best, Matt!

Price REALLY needs to step up his competition! That or dump Maloney (who I cannot ****ing stand. He is the worst promoter going).

A Fury fight has got to happen next!
Love him or loathe him, Maloneys done a great job with Price so far. He keeps Price in the public eye, AND keeps him busy. Price looks like he has the potential to be a Hattonesque ticket seller in my eyes, Price reminds me very much personality wise of a young Ricky. i.e the type of guy that the british public will buy into BIG time.

As for Skelton though, which punch actually hurt him? I struggled to see it. There for the payday, early towel thrown in just to make sure, nice little earner for the old yin, hardly went out on his sword. Bye bye Matt, but lets be honest, you wont be missed.
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