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Default Re: you guys remember Dan Bucceroni, a Philly heavy in the '40s 'n early '50s?

Originally Posted by john garfield View Post
He could REALLY CRACK, (He wasn't called THE BUTCHER BOY for nothing) His right was straight-as-string and could end a fight with one shot.

He was a stiff-as-board boxer/puncher. With his hair parted down the middle, he looked like a throwback to the '20s & '30s.

He was thrilling, knowing he could lower the boom any second.

Any of you guys have any recollections of him?
I sure do jg. I saw Bucceroni on tv a few times and he had a booming right hand. I also saw Bucceroni at MSG where he fought the tough and rugged southpaw Irish Bob Murphy who stopped the more talented but less rugged
Bucceroni...A real barn burner that fight was...Bucceroni stepped up to the heavyweights but didn't do too well losing to Roland LaStarza and Hurricane Jackson...Today with his punching power he might have won the LHW title...
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